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Providers of Professional Resuscitation Training and Consultancy Services.


Professional Resuscitation Training

From a basic to advanced level in a positive,
non threatening learning environment. Our courses are delivered by experts in the field of resuscitation, highly trained specialist nurses, doctors and advanced paramedics who are still working in clinical practice, where they regularly carry out these skills.





BLS/CPR Courses

LTSL provides professional resuscitation training from a basic to advanced level in a positive, non threatening learning environment. Our courses include CPR and AED training up to Advanced Cardiac Life Support Training, including PALS. We are an Irish Heart Foundation Approved training site and our courses are fully accredited by both the Irish Heart Foundation and American Heart Association.  






Our courses are delivered by experienced resuscitation and critical care nurses and educators currently working in the clinical area. Courses can be delivered at a venue of your choice and can be facilitated at a time of your choice including evenings and weekends. We also provide a free consultancy service where we will come to your venue and discuss your specific requirements and advise accordingly to ensure we provide you with the most appropriate course for your needs. 




Upcoming  2020/1 Course Dates

All courses taking place in Dublin

"May 16th - Heartcode ACLS"Read more
"September 19th/20th 2020- 2 day ACLS"
"September 20th 2020 - Heartcode day ACLS"
"October 17th/18th 2020 - 2 day ACLS"
"October 18th 2020 - Heartcode ACLS"
"November 21st/22nd 2020 - 2 day ACLS"
"November 22nd 2020 - Heartcode ACLS"
"January 16th/17th 2021 - 2 day ACLS"
"January 17th 2021 - Heartcode ACLS"
"February 27th/28th 2021 - 2 day ACLS"
"February 28th 2021 - Heartcode ACLS"
"March 20th/21st 2021 - 2 day ACLS"
"March 21st - Heartcode ACLS"
"April 10th/11th - 2 day ACLS"
"April 11th - Heartcode ACLS"
"May 15th/16th - 2 day ACLS"
"May 16th - Heartcode ACLS"
"September 19th/20th 2020- 2 day ACLS"Read more
"September 20th 2020 - Heartcode day ACLS"Read more
"October 17th/18th 2020 - 2 day ACLS"Read more
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Clients we

work with

We work with a myriad of organisations to provide world class training to Doctors, Nurses, Dentists, Paramedics and other allied healthcare professionals. We also regularly train non healthcare professionals in the essential life saving skills of CPR. Our clients include large public and private hospitals, HSE primary care services, nursing homes, sporting organisations, GP surgeries, dental practices, multinational companies and individual practitioners.