Learn To Save A Life

Providers of Professional Resuscitation Training and Consultancy Services.



ACLS Provider

(2 day course)
This is a two day course aimed at healthcare professionals who are expected to respond to medical emergencies and cardiac arrests. Participants will learn the essential skills of ACLS, through case based scenarios as part of a team. Teaching stations include comprehensive rhythm recognition, respiratory arrest management, orientation to electrical therapy and use of the defibrillator, essential management of cardiac arrhythmias in both the stable and unstable patient and full cardiac arrest management. Formal assessment is undertaken and you will receive and IHF/AHA certificate on successful completion which is valid for 2 years. 

Heartcode ACLS

(1 day Course)
The Heartcode ACLS Course consists of three separate elements. Part one consists of successfully completing interactive cognitive skills including patient scenarios using using the online key provided on registraion. Parts two and three take place at our venue and encompass skills practice followed by completion of skills assessments in CPR/AED and megacode. There is no requirement to be in date with your ACLS cert or to have done ACLS before to undertake this course. 

Please note in order to attend either of the above ACLS courses, it is a requirement to have an in date BLS certificate. If you require BLS certification, this can be facilitated as part of the application process.


This one day case based course is aimed at the experienced provider. It expands on the knowledge gained in the two day ACLS course and will re-certify the participant as an ACLS provider. For more information pleas contact us.